Vette Jinzukai

Vette was born in Southern Thanalan, In the Sagoli Desert. Without going into too many specific details, the man had a rough up bringing which winded up in him running East. To Hingashi. He had learn and adapted to being scorned and disapproved of for simply being what he was, but found acceptace and a new life. It was there in trained in Taijutsu, and similar Shinobi Arts as an adopted member into a relatively small clan.His particular talent and nearly unstable determination had earned him many personal achievements in his life, but ultimately only ever found one use for them, and it was never the morally correct side of things. He is a man that was bred for combat, and thrives for battle. At one time fighting to simply win, and be the best. Now, he fights to -fight-. To feel the thrill only combat can truly provide.As for recreational hobbies, Vette has an affinity for most animals. In particular, fish, and large felines. Owning several massive fishtanks of his own, and well over Twenty different species, it is safe to say he is a bit of a animal person. He does also partake in some carptentry, and enjoys playing music given he knows the instrument.

Vette for the most part, is fairly aggressive by nature. Due to his upbringing, lack of know how, and missing of social ques early on in his life, he developed his own ways to handle people. Genereally with some type of violence, or intense shouting that really gets nothing done. He is a bit more patient in his older years, but that temper can still flare up from time to time, and has.Those who are close to Vette, or exetremely close in some scenarios, tend to see a much softer, vulnerable side to the beast of a man. A well kept and guarded secret, that has been brough to light more and more with recent years.


Height: 6 Foot, 6 Inches.Weight: 287 PoundsAge: 42Build: Large. Defined/Toned.Unique Traits: Scales on left side of the body. (Forearms/Hip/Shins/Calves) Pink Limbal Ring on his left eye. // Full torso covering tattoo's, all done in eastern artstyles.

As far as OOC goes, I tend to be pretty chill on most things. I don't like drama, but I do enjoy making friends in the process of my story writing.IC/OOC bleed is my #1 pet peeve, and I will cut all contact immediately at the first sign of it.I am always down to have a brawl, a spar, or maybe even be a semi-antagonist in someone else's story!